In today's post I'm going to be sharing my favorite red carpet looks from this year's Grammy Awards & some of my thoughts on the show! Enjoy!

Cardi B
Lady Gaga
Camila Cabello
Post Malone
Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott
Dua Lipa
Miley Cyrus
Kacey Musgraves
Shawn Mendes
Janelle MonaƩ


Andy Warhol’s “From A to B and Back Again” exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art is the first major retrospective of his work in nearly 30 years curated by a United States museum. The Whitney’s collection ranges from his first lesser-known pieces of work from the 1950’s when he was a commercial illustrator to his final work until his death in 1987. Over 350 works of art are on display, giving a complete timeline in progression of his career as an artist. 

The first room of the exhibition focuses on the foundation of his art career, while he working as a commercial illustrator primarily in the fashion industry when he first moved to New York City from Pittsburgh. At this time, he also started making his own personal art aside from his job. In the early 1960’s Warhol began experimenting with subjects involving post-war America through his art, which is a movement that went on to be known as pop art. He would use images that were in the media, cartoon characters, or advertisements…

2018 Makeup Favorites

In today's post, I wanted to take a look back on some of my favorite makeup products from the previous year. I tried a lot of great products in 2018 & I'm excited to share them with you! Enjoy!

EYES Milani Eyeshadow Primer // $6.99
Before I put on eyeshadow, I always start with this Milani primer. Over the summer, I was having an issue with my eyeshadows creasing and fading quicker than they have in the past (without using any base/primer) and I decided to try this since it is really one of the only drugstore eye primers that I've heard good things about. From the first time I tried it, I knew I loved it. All it takes is a tiny amount that I blend in with my finger and that's enough to secure the eyeshadow all day. Colourpop Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palettes // $16-$20
Colourpop makes so many incredible products, but one of my absolute favorites is their pressed powder palettes. The formula is very dependable and consistent throughout every palette they sell. I have p…